It’s been a real humbling experience having all this international visits to our blog. Since everyone in the band speaks a little bit of English, we thought it would be fun to create an English session to the blog, where you’ll find updates and some other things related to Christianity, worship, the Church and so on.

Due to some blogspot problems, we’ll have to write a post in the archives and then post the link here. You’ll notice that all the posts in English are dated January 1st, 2006. That’s the way we found to do it and we hope it doesn’t upset you. To make things easier, we’ll place and “updated” flag on the blog’s front page, as well as a direct link, and then you can go straight to the texts, and here will be like an archive for the English session.

Our purpose here is to communicate with you in a way that you’ll understand. We also want to hear from you guys as much as possible. We’re thinking of a way to “thank you” for your visits here, and we’ll probably include a couple of songs in English for you to download (yes, for free). So, enjoy your space here, and thank you all very much.

(click on the highlighted links for the original posts)

Welcome International Visitors – January 26th, 2007
Recording Update – February 14th, 2007
The (not so) Secret MUSIC Life of Kat – February 16th, 2007

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