The (not so) Secret MUSIC Life of Kat

Kat is a soccer playing, suburban mom, music freak and God seeking (all in her own words) blogger. She has a music blog. Her life isn’t that secret, since she has a blog.

Anyway, if you are in a band or ministry or both, and you want to take it to the web, I really think you should consider going to her little but ye useful space on the blogosphere and get a few tips. She won’t charge you, although she could.

Besides giving great advice, she also features interviews with other bloggers/artists (such as Andrew Osenga from Caedmon’s Call and Shaun Groves) and she points us in the directions of new artists and free music. Apparently, she likes both very much.

She also returns your e-mail, which is a plus.

Go check her not so secret music life.

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